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Do You Tip in Austria? The Ultimate Austria Tipping Guide

Tipping in Austria

Feeling confused about whether you should tip in Austria? You don’t want to offend by tipping too little (or not at all) but you also don’t want to tip if it’s not the standard custom in Austria. Etiquette experts recommend tipping around 10 percent at restaurants in Austria, going up to 15 or even 20 percent for truly exceptional service. 

It’s common practice to round up to an even number instead of calculating the tip exactly. So for example, if the bill is 9 Euros, rounding up to 10 Euros would be acceptable. If you’re paying in cash, you should verbally say how much you want to pay instead of planning to leave cash on the table for a tip. 

When paying with a credit card, you’ll likely be asked if you want to add a tip so that it can be manually added to your total. If you’re not asked directly, and you want to add a tip, you’ll need to state how much you want to be charged. For example, in Austria, if your bill is 100 Euros and you want to tip 10 Euros, you will state “110 Euros please” when handing over your card to pay.

Austria Tipping Guide

Tipping in Austria varies depending on the situation. Follow this guide to know exactly how much is recommended to tip.

AustriaHow Much to Tip
BarsRound up to the next Euro amount for casual drinks; 1-2 Euros per drink for fancy cocktail bars
Cafes1-2 Euros
TaxisRound up to the next Euro amount or 10% for longer journeys/great service
Tour Guides10% or 5-10 Euros for free walking tours
Airport Shuttle1-2 Euros per bag if they assist with luggage
Bellhop1-2 Euros per bag
Hotel Housekeeper2 Euros per night
Concierge2 Euros for simple requests, up to 10 Euros for making complicated/hard-to-get reservations
SpaIf a service charge is included, you don’t need to tip. If not, tip up to 5 percent.

Austria Tipping Culture

Austria Tipping Guide

It is common and expected in Austria to tip at restaurants, bars, and cafes in Austria. However, tipping culture is a bit more lax in Austria than in the United States. Tipping 20 percent would definitely be overkill. For sit-down meals, you should tip around 10 percent at a restaurant. In most other scenarios, like at a bar or coffee shop, you can simply round up to avoid change and leave a tip. For example, if a coffee cost you 2.50 Euros, you can round it up to 3 Euros and that would be considered more than enough for a tip. 

On a recent trip to Austria, I tipped around 10 percent at restaurants and high-end cocktail bars, and those tips were well-received. 

Looking for more gratuity guidance? Read our guides to tipping your butler and tipping the hotel bellhop.

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