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The 5 Best Luxury Train Rides in Canada

Luxury Train Across Canada

A luxury train ride across Canada is the best way to see the country. Canada is filled with stunning landscapes from coast to coast, making luxury train travel an excellent way to take in the breathtaking scenery. Unlike with a road trip, you don’t have to worry about traffic or paying attention to the road—you can just relax and soak in the scenery. For those seeking a truly special travel experience, there are several luxury rail journeys across Canada, including luxury sleeper trains. These multi-day train trips combine first-class accommodations, gourmet dining, and unique sightseeing opportunities for an unforgettable vacation.

These are the best Canadian luxury trains to take.

Rocky Mountaineer, Canada’s Most Luxurious Train

Rocky Mountaineer Luxury Train Canada

The Rocky Mountaineer is one of Canada’s most scenic luxury train routes and one of the most beautiful train rides in the world. This luxury train across Canada travels through British Columbia and Alberta on multiple routes that pass steep mountain ranges, crystalline lakes, thundering waterfalls, and gorgeous glaciers. You’ll travel in the utmost comfort with delicious meals prepared by top chefs and panoramic views through the train’s glass-dome carriages.

There are two classes on the Rocky Mountaineer luxury train: GoldLeaf and SilverLeaf. GoldLeaf and SilverLeaf use different train cars—GoldLeaf cars are two levels, and SilverLeaf are one level. GoldLeaf trains have a dining room, lower-level outdoor viewing platform, reclining seats, and full-dome windows on the upper level. GoldLeaf passengers are encouraged to move around and enjoy the different seating options throughout the train.

In SilverLeaf cars, passengers are served meals, beverages, and snacks at their seats. There is a small outdoor viewing area (big enough for two people) that is more enclosed than the outdoor viewing platform on the GoldLeaf cars.

Some of the most popular Rocky Mountaineer routes include the First Passage to the West, which travels between Vancouver on Canada’s west coast through the Canadian Rockies to Banff or Calgary; and the Journey Through the Clouds route goes from Vancouver to Jasper National Park. 

Although the Rocky Mountaineer offers multi-night packages, it is not a sleeper train. Instead, passengers overnight in luxury hotels along the way, allowing for some time off the train to explore classic Canadian towns. Looking for the best place to stay in Banff? Read our review of the Mount Royal Hotel.

Whichever route you take, you’ll be awed by the majestic Canadian Rockies and vibrant green valleys seen from the Rocky Mountaineer luxury train.

VIA Rail’s The Canadian Luxury Sleeper Train Across Canada

Via Rail Luxury Train Across Canada

If you’re looking for a luxury sleeper train across Canada, VIA Rail’s The Canadian is the best option. One of the world’s great transcontinental train journeys, this train travels the 4,466 kilometers between Toronto and Vancouver over 4 days and 4 nights. You’ll relax in sleeper cabins, sip cocktails in the glamorous lounge cars, and feast on gourmet meals inspired by regional cuisine.  

There are three classes available on this luxury sleeper train:

Prestige Class

Prestige Class is the most luxurious ticket on the train. Guests will enjoy private cabins with double Murphy beds and ensuite bathrooms with showers. All meals and beverages are included, and Prestige Class passengers will get priority reservations in the dining car. 

Prestige Class tickets on The Canadian start at CAD 4,981 in the winter and CAD 6,261 in the summer.

Sleeper Plus Class

Sleeper Plus Class tickets include a private berth (one, two, three, or four-person cabins are available, as are suites). Ensuite bathrooms with a private toilet and sink are in each room, however, showers are shared between all Sleeper Plus passengers. There is one shower room available on every Sleeper Plus car. All meals and non-alcoholic drinks are included in the care.

Sleeper Plus Class tickets on The Canadian start at CAD 1,972 in the winter and CAD 2,519 in the summer.

Economy Class

Economy class is the most affordable option on this sleeper train. Passengers do not have private cabins or beds for sleeping. Instead, you’ll sleep in a reclining chair and can purchase pillows and blankets. Meals and drinks are not included with economy class fares on The Canadian. 

Economy Class tickets on The Canadian start at CAD 514 in both summer and winter. 

VIA Rail Ocean Train Luxury Sleeper Train

Via Rail Luxury Train Across Canada

For a short taste of a luxury sleeper train, VIA Rail’s Ocean train is a one-day, one-night journey traveling from Montreal to Halifax. The train follows the water along Canada’s east coast and features stunning scenery. 

Sleeper Plus and Economy classes are available on the Ocean train.

VIA Rail Winnipeg to Churchill Luxury Sleeper Train

Luxury Train Across Canada

Take the road less traveled on VIA Rail’s Winnipeg to Churchill route, which traverses the only dry land connection to Churchill. Along the way, you could catch a glimpse of a polar bear or even the northern lights.

This two-day two-night sleeper train crosses 1,697 kilometers, passing through The Pas and Thompson. Economy class and Sleeper Plus tickets are available on this train.

Royal Canadian Pacific Luxury Sleeper Train

Luxury Canadian Sleeper Train

For the ultimate luxury sleeper train train ride across Canada, you can charter a private train from Royal Canadian Pacific for one day or a multi-day trip. The Royal Canadian Pacific provides an elite rail tour experience through Western Canada and the majestic Canadian Rockies. Based in Calgary, Alberta, this luxury train offers an all-inclusive package focused on comfort, cuisine, and taking in gorgeous mountain scenery. 

The Royal Canadian Pacific train utilizes Canadian Pacific Railway business cars from the early 20th century. The cars have all been restored to their original splendor, featuring gleaming brass fittings, rich walnut paneling, brocade furniture, and updated modern conveniences.

The luxury sleeper trains include plush beds and ensuite bathrooms with showers. 

The Royal Canadian Pacific can be chartered starting at $45,000 for a single-trip day trip, or multi-day excursions with overnight accommodations starting at $75,000 per day. The trains can sleep up to 30 passengers.

Tips for Booking a Luxury Train Across Canada

Luxury Train Across Canada

When planning your luxury rail journey across Canada, it’s wise to book early as these popular trains often sell out months in advance, especially during peak summer and early autumn seasons. Sleeper cabins are also at a premium, so be sure to buy your tickets especially early if you want a private cabin on a sleeper train across Canada. 

It’s also crucial to research the routes, schedules, and sightseeing opportunities offered along whichever train journey across Canada you select. Consider whether you want to be able to disembark the train and explore at a more leisurely pace overnight, or if you’d prefer a nonstop journey where you can sleep onboard. 

By choosing to explore Canada’s awe-inspiring landscapes aboard trains like the Rocky Mountaineer, the Canadian, or VIA Rail’s other award-winning routes, you’ll create lifelong memories while enjoying luxury comforts. These iconic rail journeys showcase the diversity of terrains, vibrant cultures, and natural wonders that have made Canada one of the world’s most celebrated destinations for luxury train travel.

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