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The Ultimate Tasman Uggs Review

Ugg Tasman Slippers

Tasman Uggs should be on your radar if you’re looking for a warm, comfortable, and stylish slipper. Tasman Uggs are a popular style of Ugg Australia’s iconic sheepskin slippers, known for their soft suede uppers and plush wool lining that keeps your feet cozy. 

In this review, I share everything I wish I’d known about Tasman Uggs before I bought them, including how they fit, how to care for them, if they’re waterproof, where to buy them, and where to find affordable dupes. 

Do Tasman Uggs Run Big or Small?

Ugg Tasman Slippers Review

Figuring out the sizing for any Ugg style can be confusing since their sizes often don’t align with standard shoe sizes. Regarding the question of “Do Tasman Uggs run small,” I found that they run slightly large. 

I recommend ordering your normal shoe size or going down a half size if you prefer a snugger fit. There are no half sizes available in the Tasman Uggs, so if you’re usually a half size, definitely size down. I generally wear a size 7.5 but sized down to a size 7 and it was a perfect fit. The slippers are roomy by design to accommodate thicker socks on cold days.

Consider sizing down if you’ll primarily be wearing Tasman Uggs around the house with thinner socks. Order your normal size if you plan to wear them out and about in chillier weather with thicker socks. If you have wide feet, you may even want to consider sizing up. 

Ugg offers free returns on full-priced purchases, so you can try a few different sizes to find the most comfortable options.

How Do Ugg Tasman Slippers Fit?

The Ugg Tasman silhouette features a round toe box with enough width to prevent your toes from feeling squeezed, while the suede upper stretches for a customizable fit. The ankle height hits right around the ankle bone for most wearers.

The slippers feel snug when you first put them on, but the sheepskin lining molds to your feet. As you break them in, they stretch and become more flexible. I found that the Tasman Uggs required very little break-in time to feel comfortable.

The slip-on silhouette lacks laces or buckles for adjustability, so it’s extra important to get hte right size. 

How to Clean Tasman Ugg Slippers

To clean the surface of your Tasman Uggs:

– Gently brush suede exteriors with a suede brush to lift dirt. Avoid harsh scrubbing.

– Spot clean stains on suede by gently rubbing in a diluted suede cleaner. 

– Blot damp suede with a clean towel to absorb excess moisture. Allow to fully air dry before wearing again. 

To refresh insoles:

– Allow removable insoles to air dry outside the slipper in the sun fully. The sun helps naturally disinfect and deodorize. 

– Use Ugg cleaning products like Ugg Protector Spray. I love the Ugg Care Kit set for keeping Uggs looking like new. It has a cleaning brush, scuff eraser, protector spray, and cleansing spray.

– When necessary, replace insoles for fresh comfort underfoot.

Do not submerge the Tasman Uggs in water or put them in the washing machine, as that will damage the structure. 

Are Ugg Tasman Slippers Waterproof?

Ugg Tasman Slippers

Tasman Uggs are not fully waterproof. The suede uppers can develop water stains if worn in heavy rain or snow. The slippers can handle some moisture like a light drizzle, as moisture will bead up on the suede. However, if the slippers become soaked through, they will get damaged. 

If you do get the Ugg Tasman Slippers wet, stuff the inside with newspaper and allow them to air dry. Do not use a hair dryer or put them in the dryer as high heat will damage the shoes. 

How Much are the Ugg Tasman Slippers?

You can shop Tasman Uggs directly on the Ugg Australia website, or at popular retailers like Amazon, Nordstrom, DSW, Zappos and more. Prices typically range from $100-$120 USD depending on the color and print. 

How to Spot Ugg Tasman Fakes

When shopping, carefully inspect product photos to ensure you’re viewing the Tasman style, not other Ugg slipper types. The official style name is “Tasman.” Fake listings may also advertise them under names like “Ugg Tasman slippers” or “Tasman Uggs.”

Tasman Uggs Dupes

If you’re looking for affordable Tasman Uggs dupes, there are plenty of other shearling and suede slippers available at a cheaper price. These are some of my favorites: 

Bearpaw Loki Slippers are a great vegan alternative to the Tasman Uggs. They offer a similar wool blend lining and a tread outsole at a lower price point. Sizes tend to run large.

Jessica Simpson Knit Slippers provide a nearly identical silhouette in a machine washable form. Size down for the best fit. 

Minnetonka Chesney Scuff Slippers mimic the look in a flatter style. Faux fur replaces genuine shearling for easy care. They fit true to size.

Are the Tasman Uggs Worth the Money?

In my honest opinion, the Tasman Uggs live up to the price point. I love that these slippers can be worn indoors and outdoors, and easily slipped on and off (making them a great travel shoe). 

Their cozy sheepskin lining cradles feet in cloud-like warmth and softness and the moccasin-inspired suede exteriors add laidback style to loungewear and casual ensembles.

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